Environmentally conscious acting in the MEYRA Group

The annual waste balance has been made every year since 1994 with MEYRA. This balance is not only provided for German authorities, but also serves to improve environmentally safe production. Employees are group trained for environmental conscious handling. Since 1997, material surface treatment in the production process has been coupled with a water winning system. Now only 10 % fresh water is used in comparison to the amount used before. This preserve the natural water resource. Metal rests, electronic scrap iron, cooling lubricants, and batteries are reused through closed recycling systems.

Packing without foils and polystyrene is avoided, and the cardboard consists to a large extent of 90 % waste paper. Through intelligent control of the machine tools during processing and further treatment of pipes, only very little waste is left over, resources are preserved. Attention is given that as little energy is used as possible for production. Efficient lighting increases the work quality and lowers electricity consumption. Purposeful garbage separation is carried out within all production areas.

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