Purchase strategy

As prominent enterprise in wheelchairs and supplier for rehablitation means, we search world-wide for creative and quality-oriented suppliers. Our main interest with the conception of new and innovative products is security, stability and easy to use application.

In order to obtain optimal results, we co-operate closely from beginning to end of the developmental phase with partners from different areas. Here, dealers for medical specialists, physicians, therapists, nurses and, of course, the handicapped users, themselves, because nobody knows the requirements for aid devices better than they. 

Successfully serving our markets is based to a large extent on the output capacity of our suppliers. Therefore, it is important that we work together with them on the continuous improvement of our products and processes. Developing new technology, innovative ideas and a extreme cost consciousness creates the basis for a partnership existence in the market. Supplier relations should be cooperative, achievement oriented and long term based. Due to ever increasing competition, we need the support of efficient suppliers.

Purchasing guidelines

Be loyal to your own company
The goals of one’s own company always take priority over personal goals and the goals of suppliers.

Maintain fairness when dealing with others
Equal treatment and openness are the basis of a successful and trustful partnership for both sides.

Exercise contract fidelity
Contracts are made clear and comprehensive and are to be strictly adhered to. Any changes in the contract’s framework are taken into account.

Solve conflicts of interests and avoid dependency
Business and purchase decisions take place free from irrelevant constraints and personal interests.


Practise information and communication on a partnership basis
Mutually clear information and communication both internally and externally are the requirements for successful cooperation.

Ensure confidentiality
Handle confidential information as you would have others handle your own information.

Comply with laws and regulations
Everyone is responsible in their sphere of influence for the compliance with relative laws both within their own company and business partners. These seven principles conform to the German Association of Materials Management, Procurement and Logistics.

Our criteria for supplier selection

Our evaluation and selection of good (System)- suppliers

  • Consultation in terms of the cost-effective completion of parts and components
  • Indication of problematic details concerning production and quality
  • Consultation in the selection of materials
  • Potentially the drawing up of individual component drafting
  • Delivery, preferably, of ready-to-install components
  • Consultation in the type of production
  • Certified according to ISO 9000 or an alternative means of proof of quality assurance
  • Consultation by technicians
  • Acceptance of low-quantity orders
  • Catering to special wishes or special solutions (not merely the delivery of catalogue goods)
  • Quick delivery of specimens
  • Testing and verifying of test samples
  • Instant reaction in the event of serial damages
  • Instruction for the new and further development of purchase parts by MEYRA
  • Material identification for subsequent disposal
  • Clearly arranged catalogue
  • Selection of supplier before final offer preparation
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