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When questioned about their weekday, most people don´t recall their actions simply because they are quite ordinary. It is second nature for us to take a shower in the morning, prepare breakfast, do the housework and shopping or drive to work so we often do these things unconsciously. A handicapped or older person however cannot afford unconscious behavior. No matter whether he climbs the stairs, rests his free hand while brushing his teeth or simply takes a walk: every movement requires his full concentration. Frequently he will require assistance to carry out these actions.

This assistance can be provided by another person or by a well-designed product that adapts to his individual needs. MEYRA sells such products. Products for all facets of daily life: from bath lifts and walking supports to innovative help for leisure and work. You can see this large product range on the following pages. Of course we would also like to send you detailed information on request.

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