Scope of Use

  • The Netti 4U Base is ideal for users requiring a seat shell or the Ride Design seating system
  • Users usually sit in the wheelchair for more than 8 hours
  • Suitable for both young and geriatric patients
  • The swing-away armrests make the chair well suited for users needing side and sling transfers
  • Well suited for users with neurological conditions such as spasticity or restlessness who hence require dynamic functions
  • Available in seat widths 350 to 500 mm (as option +24 mm/-30 mm)
  • Approved up to a user weight of 135 kg


  • Economic advantages due to spare parts compatibility with other Netti chairs
  • Long service life
  • Five-year guarantee on the frame

Therapeutic Benefit

  • Flexible seat depth
  • Back and seat tilt with infinitely variable adjustment
  • Ideal as seat shell underframe
  • The Netti 4U Base is characterised by low weight and narrow overall width
  • Ergonomic push bar
  • Armrest swings back for easy transfer
  • Operating points marked in red
  • Ideal for users with hip asymmetry due to adjustable extenders
  • Libertas back function as option for users requiring enhanced comfort
  • Headrest height, depth and angle-adjustable
  • Angle-adjustable legrest with ergonomic pivot point


  • Tool kit
  • Infusion stand (mounting on the back cross tube)
  • Hand compressor
  • Wheelchair bag
  • Universal device rack

Netti 4U Base

Dynamic functions - leg and back

Netti 4U Base

Nette Grandis legrests

Netti 4U Base

Aluminium back

Netti 4U Base

Universal rack

Seat width  350 400 450 500
Optional seat width flexibility

2x -15 mm

Overall width

min. 530 / max. 680

Seat depth 425 / 450 / 475 / 500
Back height 500 mm
Seat height range measured to seatplate 440 – 500 mm
Total height 1.050 mm
Weight of wheelchair without cushions 29 kg
Max. load


Max. load for car transport

135 kg

Tilt angle -8° – +22°
Recline angle 92° – 137°
Width added to seat width with standard wheels

180 mm

Leg support length with standard leg support

320 - 680 mm

Arm support height (from seatplate to armpad)

265 - 355 mm

Dimensions in mm, weights in kg, wheels in inches, dimensional tolerances ± 10 mm

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