Scope of Use

  • The Netti III family is the range with the most options, thus offering the user the most comfort as well as ease of use for caregivers and family
  • The Netti III EL is suitable for users with very complex requirements who need frequent repositioning and who may also want to change their sitting position themselves
  • Available in seat widths 350 - 600 mm
  • The Netti III EL is particularly suitable for long sitting periods (8+ hours per day) due to the many options allowing for individual adjustment
  • The option of adjustable and interchangeable extenders means that the chair can also be used by users with hip rotation or pelvic rotation
  • Well suited for users with neurological conditions such as spasticity or restlessness who hence require dynamic functions
  • Available in seat widths 350 to 600 mm (as option +24 mm/-50 mm)
  • Approved up to a user weight of 160 kg


  • The Netti III EL is an extremely adaptable, sturdy and flexible wheelchair known for its very high quality and durability
  • Economic advantages due to spare parts compatibility with other Netti chairs
  • Long service life
  • Five-year guarantee on the frame

Therapeutic Benefit

  • Flexible seat depth
  • Sliding seat as standard for easy positioning
  • Back and seat tilt as well as leg adjustment electrically adjustable - also by the user themselves
  • Also suitable for tall users with seat depth option up to 575 mm and seat height up to 530 mm
  • Medical device rack possible
  • As Netti Customized option up to 180° back adjustment for users with special positioning or resting needs
  • Detachable armrests, height and depth-adjustable
  • Height-adjustable push handles
  • Adaptable back cushion
  • Ideal for users with hip asymmetry due to adjustable extenders
  • Headrest height, depth and angle-adjustable
  • Angle-adjustable legrest with ergonomic pivot point


  • Clinic kit
  • Tool kit
  • Infusion stand (mounting on the back cross tube)
  • Wheelchair bag

Netti III EL

Electrical functions

Netti III EL

Universal device rack

Seat width  350 380 400 430 450 500 550 600
Optional seat width flexibility

2x -25/ 2x +12 mm

Seat depth

400 - 500 (525 - 570) mm

Back height 500 – 600 mm
Seat height range measured to seatplate 460 - 490 (525 - 570) mm
Total height 1.050 mm
Weight of wheelchair without cushions 39 kg
Max. load

145 (160) kg

Max. load for car transport


Tilt angle -9° – +16°
Recline angle 86° – 133°
Width added to seat width with standard wheels

220 mm

Leg support length with standard leg support

320 - 680 mm

Arm support height (from seatplate to armpad

170 - 310 mm

Dimensions in mm, weights in kg, wheels in inches, dimensional tolerances ± 10 mm

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