Fields of Application

  • Electric wheelchair for travel and leisure


  • With its weight of 16 kg it is the lightweight among the electric wheelchairs
  • The easy-fold system makes the iTRAVEL CARBON W5905 the perfect travelling companion


  • Very easy to use
  • The armrest support folds back with
  • Side panel with flip-up armrests for one-hand operation and easy transfer


Seat system


foot board


Transport – folded state

Seat width in mm 440
Seat depth in mm 400
Width, folded in mm 930
Back height in mm 460
Front seat height in mm 500
Total length in mm 923
Total width in mm 570
Total height (Seat height + Back height) in mm 464
Armrest height in mm 250
Permissible total height in kg 140
Max. user weight in kg 120
Max. additional load in kg 16/17,8
Speed in km/h 6
Number of wheels 4
Wheel size, front, in mm 175
Wheel sitze, rear, in mm 216
Ground clearence 70
Max. obstacle climbing ability in mm 40
Turning radius in mm 980
Motor power in W 1,000
Batteries in Ah 12
Charger in A 2
Electronics 35
Range max. in km 12
Permitted uphill/downhill gradient in per cent 3° / 6°
Steering type indirekt
Control system Penny & Giles
VR2 24V/35 A

Dimensions in mm, weight in kg, wheels in inches, speeds in km/h
Dimensional tolerances of ± 10 mm

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